Tennis Lessons for Adults


Tennis in a non-proffesional environment is a sport which is addressed to everyone, regardless of age, sex and physical condition. Can be taught to an adolescent, offering a nice pastime, a working mother who wants to entertain her life, people who want to improve their physical condition or just to loose weight, a group that wants to entertain through the sport or even to people who want to feel the adrenaline rush and competition.

Thats why Paros Tennis Club has created a number of flexible programs, in order to satisfy every single need. The programs of the club are private or in a group which differ to the number of people per class and the price. Our experienced coaches evaluate separately any athlete and including him or her in the appropriate group depending on the level, the age and the personality.

Tennis Lessons

Members of our Club

Non members of our club

Private lesson



2 persons lesson



Monthly groups



*Use of lights are with extra charge of 5 euros/hour