Paros Tennis Academy

In Paros Tennis Club when talking about sports, we talk about education, health and socialization! Inside a well organized environment with many years of experience, we give every day the right direction, so that children, through sport and athletism to socialize,  to create healthy habits and get to know one of the most popular sport on the planet!




Mini Tennis

specific games inside the tennis court with main goal the socialization and get familiar with the tennis court and the tennis equipment, socialization, Up to 10 kids per court

45 minutes 1 time per week 20 euros per month.

45 minutes 2 times per week 30 euros per month

Basic Tennis Training

explore all tennis movements and all basic hits, Technique emphasize programms, up to 6 kids per group.

1 hour 1 time per week 20 euros per month.

1 hour 2 times per week 30 euros per month

1 hour 3 times per week 40 euros per month

Intensive Tennis Training

technique and physical condition emphasize training. Matches oriented training. 4 Kids per Group

4 - 7 hours per week training depending on the group and the kid. 50 euros per month

Athletic Team

Team which participated in national tournaments. More than 5 hours per week training. Physical condition, mental preparation, Tour oriented programms

starting from 50 euros per month

Tournament Training

Individual kid training depending on the tournament (surface, category etc)