National Tennis Tournament Grade E2 boys & girls 12-14 April 19-23

    Paros Tennis Club is announcing the 1st National tournament for junior players in Paros, for ages 12 to 14. The tournament will take place at Paros tennis club courts in Agia Eirini between 19 and 23 of April.

    It is an official national tournament directly through the Greek tennis federation and points are gathered from athletes for the Greek National ranking. Participation is expected to be around 50 players for boys and 50 players for girls. Games will be played in 2 winning sets of 6 games with regular third set for singles and 2 winning sets of 6 games with super tie brake on the third set (tie brake in 10 points)

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Paros Tennis Club in the 3rd National tournament

It is just the beginning!

For the second time in its history Paros Tennis Club participated in the 3rd National Junior Tournament. The head coach escorted 5 athletes in all age categories from our academies to Heraklion Crete to compete among the other tennis athletes all around Greece. In the category 10-12 Stelios Barbaris passed the first round of qualifying with a 5-3, 4-1 and became the first athlete of our group that passed a  round in a National Championship. Stavroula Sarri played with a 2 years older athlete from the club of Chalkida and could manage to win. In the 14-16 category, our club had 2 entries.  Katerina Maouni passed with a Walk Over on the qualifyings and lost in the first round of main draw. On the other hand, athlete Koutra Marissa wanted to make our heart break and after a three hour race lostin the final 3rd set with 6-3, 6-7, 7-6 in a match with two Tie brakes. Only positive thinkings we can have from this game as we see that the effort we give to our academies is in the correct path and they can compete with far more experienced athletes.  Finally the big category of the 16-18 female athlete of our group Alipranti Rafaela gave us a very nice game but failed to get the win in the first round of main draw.

The Paros Tennis Club team wants to thank all the athletes of our group for the character and the seriousness shown in Crete and  the representation of our club at the 3rd National championship. We also want to thank the parents of athletes for their confidence in the coach of the group to accompany their children to the group of Heraklion.


Paros Tennis Open 2011

Paros Tennis Open 2011

Paros Tennis Club in cooperation with Paros Tennis Federation is announcing the Paros Tennis Open Tournament August 2011 which will take place in Agia Eirini Tennis Club from 8 until 14th of August.

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