Sea activities on Paros

Sun, sea and aegean winds…

There’s a fascinating aspect of summer holidays when combined with seawater activities on Paros! Most beaches on this wind-swept island – covered mainly with fine sand – are located next to modern and well-equipped facilities for all kinds of water sports, offering their sporty visitors some carefree and stimulating fun-time. So, wear your happiest mood and explore the endless possibilities of seawater fun on this famous snow-white Cyclades island.

Beach soccer; beach volleyball; diving; pedalo riding; sailing; waterslides; waterskiing, underwater fishing, kayaking and surfing: these are the most popular activities that will put your stamina to the test and keep your adrenalin surge up all day long!

The Paros sea area is widely considered to be a surfer’s paradise, a top choice for Greek and foreign athletes alike. The wind speed and direction on the island’s southeastern side in combination with the sea waves create a worldwide known surfing area ideal for international windsurfing games. So, it is no surprise that the PWA (Professional Windsurfers Association) World Championship used to take place on the island for a good, straight number of years!

The first colourful sails appeared in Paros at the beginning of the ‘80s, offering a high standard and almost never-ending spectacle to windsurf fans among others… Today there are modern surfing clubs on many beaches offering training courses to future surfers as well as full gear renting, addressing even the most experienced and demanding ones.

Chryssi Akti, named after the golden sand it is covered with, is the most popular beach for windsurfing; in this area, schools take advantage of the shallow crystal clear waters and offer even to beginners the opportunity to test their abilities safely.

Néa Chryssí Aktí beach (Tserdakia) offers countless thrills to those who are “advanced” as this area is where the winds of the greatest duration and strength are recorded. Wind direction (left side-shore) combined with the angle created by seawaves lift windsurfers up creating the ideal conditions for jumps.

Finally, the “hot spot” list for windsurfing fans would never be complete without the addition of the “sport-oriented” and noisy beaches of Santa Maria and Pounta noted for the prevailing high winds… As a matter of fact don’t be surprised if you see “flying swimmers” as you approach the weathered Pounta bay! These are daring kite surfers who manipulate the ropes of their kites with great ease while gliding on the wave spume with an evergrowing speed until they literally take off! Orange, golden, lime green and scarlet, a panorama of colours and shapes, covers this picturesque beach while, 20 to 30 metres up in the air, the sky gets filled with lively kites. Impressive and difficult loops, fancy figures in the air are all part of this special experience where the adrenalin rise pushes the human limits.

So if you think of combining your summertime holiday leisure time with practising your favourite water sports, Paros island is definitely to be considered as an option.

But take care: if you are a beginner, follow the experts’ advice so as to combine fun and safety!

Discover the island’s stunning beauty by hiking! Walk along “strátes”, the trails created by farmers to help them cross the island and transport their goods. It’s like stepping back into history. Here are two itineraries you might like to try:

The Byzantine Léfkes-Pródromos trail, paved with marble paving stones most of the way, takes an hour to walk. It starts from the verdant village of Léfkes and crosses slopes with cultivated terraces and a small Byzantine bridge. The final destination is to the beautiful village of Pródromos with its impressive maze-like alleys.
Starting from the village of Márpissa, with its Byzantine churches, 17th century houses and quaint windmills, walk towards Kéfalos Hill and Áyios Antónios Monastery. Going uphill along the cobblestone path, you will come across the ruins of the Venetian town of Kéfalos and the Castle. At the top, enjoy the view over the eastern part of the island and visit the Monastery of Áyios Antónios with its gold-leaf wood-carved iconostasis.

Alternatively, you can discover the island on horseback! There are two horse-riding centres, one by the sea, at Ambelás, and one at Ystérni. Ride around the coast, along the sandy beaches or take a detour inland – a great way to see for yourself some of the most beautiful spots on the island!

Useful Links

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Scuba Diving
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"Santa Maria Diving Club" at Pounda (south of Parikia, the town opposite Antiparos)

Sea discovery programmes
with snorkeling and diving for kids, teens, families and schools
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Water Ski, Tubes
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Horse Riding
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Tours with Fishing Boats
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Daily trips to other Islands
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"Aqua Parks"
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Beach Volley, Bunjee Jumping, Beach Bar, Swimming Pool
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Mountain Biking Tours
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Painting/Creative Writing/ Photography and more in the:

Fitness Centres / Body Building
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Tao's Centre Paros (near Ambelas)
Tao's is a happy center for the art life management according to the wisdom of the east. Yoga, meditation and much more (and good restaurant and cafe)!

Yoga courses with Oona Giesen:

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